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Web Design.

We believe that website design is so much more than just making a website look good. When we start a web design project we consider the structure of the sitemap, ensure that the layout of each page presents the key information clearly and that its not overcrowded. This is just as important as using the correct fonts and colours within the design.

But before any of this we gather information from you like your key goals of what your website should do for you. We then research your target market and from this information we produce a conceptual model so we can enter into discussions to gain your feedback. We develop this further into a working website on our prototyping platform so you are able to view the development in real-time. Further feedback can then be gathered and revisions made until the final website is produced.

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28% of the world’s websites use WordPress as an easy to use CMS platform. We build the majority of our CMS websites using WordPress. It enables our clients to securely log into the back-end of their website and create and deploy beautiful content quickly and easily.

Whether you require a simple blog or a huge e-commerce store, we have the experience and skills to make it happen for you.
Our Service

Our Web Design Service.

It can be quite daunting entering into the world of website design especially if you are not completely savvy with all of the technical jargon and witchcraft that makes a website a website.

Fear not because we make the whole process very simple and explain everything in plain English. We stick to a tried and tested method of communication between us and yourself making the whole process relaxed and stress free.

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Early Stages

We provide you with a project timeline that shows every stage of the build, when it should be completed by and what we might require from you.

We also create a visual of the design for you and make any adjustments if needed before we proceed any further.

During the Build

During the build you can log into the website at anytime to see it’s progress. This really helps keep everyone in the loop at all times and also makes communication so much faster.

Launch Time

When it comes to launching the website we make sure that the site is fully tested and backed up. We will then launch the site only when you sign it off giving you full control of the entire situation.

Our Service

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