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Power-Sonic Europe Ltd are an international battery manufacturer.

Beer Advertisement

We created an advert that completely stood out from all of the others that usually appear in Power-Sonic’s industry specific trade magazines.

We designed a bottle of beer that would instantly become noticeable. We re-created a familiar beer brand label with Power-Sonic slogans and battery images.

It was a great success and is still being used in their print media campaigns to this day.

See the breakdown of the image here.

Heart of Your Security Advertisement

Created by using a mix of photographs and illustration, this advert appeared in several major publications within the security industry. It depicts a burglar alarm undergoing heart surgery to show that the backup power battery is most important to an alarm system.

Times Square Advertisement

The client required an advert to run along side an article that showed how important back-up power is and where it is used. Times Square was used to show that every major building and sign utilised back-up power. They also ran a competition of “how many Power-Sonic signs can you see’ which was really well received by their peers and the public.


Power-Sonic wanted to run a print campaign that stated that they believed they were the best compared to their two main competitors… but without actually saying it.


    Power-Sonic Batteries

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