Company Branding and Logo Creation

"Etsy shop owner's branding"

Dolly Sheep is a small company that create handmade home decor items and accessories. They use the popular online retail outlet to sell their handmade goods.

The client wanted a very contemporary design using geometric shapes, scripted font, and a limited colour palette of bronzes, some grey and dusty pinks.

We used a lovely font called Spumante for the main font as it captured perfectly what the client was after from her brief. This was then ‘coppered’ by building a fairly complex gradient overlay of light and dark copper colours.

The geometric background was created by using a hexagon shape and layering multiple copies of the shape evenly around the art-board. Each hexagon was coloured using the clients pallet and then their individual opacities were reduced. This brings out the shapes underneath which produces triangles of varying sizes and different hues of the colour pallet which all complement each other.


    Dolly Sheep

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