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"we wanted to evoke the user on a journey gliding downwards, deeper and deeper"

Californian based engineer and businessman Roger Jellicoe has been at the heart of American technological innovation for many years. His has had many technological successes most of all was leading the team who created the Motorola Razr. As a result the Razr is the biggest selling mobile phone clamshell to date.

Roger’s latest venture sees him teaching his skills to others. As a result of his experience and success he unlocks the genius and original thinking that we were all born with. His techniques help teams and individuals understand where great ideas come from and how to get in the mindset where true inspiration is possible.

Roger came to us with a brief and layout and asked us to build him a website that promotes innovation but also projects a soft spiritual accent.

So we immediately took up the challenge and set to work creating a single paged mulit-sectioned responsive website. By creating this style of site we wanted to evoke the user on a journey gliding downwards, deeper and deeper towards the concluding ‘Deep Coaching’ sections.

We are truly honoured to have Roger as a client and thoroughly enjoyed making his vision a reality.

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