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"A very personal and spiritual logo"

Our new client Claire Glibbery is an entrepreneur and a highly qualified yoga and well-being coach.

Claire is launching a business branded around her and her lifestyle. She will be forming yoga retreats and launching a series of well-being products.

Her logo had to be very personal in design and reflect the spirituality and calm that comes from performing yoga.

A part of our early design process we like to challenge our clients by giving them a secondary conceptual design that could be considered or have some elements taken from it, or indeed rejected. We designed a more formal logo that encompassed some of the early ideas from our initial meeting and threw it into the mix. But it was clear from very early on that Claire had a vision and knew exactly what she wanted.

To build a very personal narrative into her logo we asked her to sign her first name on paper. This was then transposed to Illustrator where we mapped it and created a vector line of the signature.

Claire wanted to add her favourite objects to embellish the logo. A mandala, dream catcher, a yin yang, and feathers were chosen along with a wide variety of colours to begin with. The pallet was gradually narrowed down to just six colours and some of the adornments were whittled down to just the mandala and feathers.

The final result is very fluid, calm and ultimately very personal to Claire and the message that she wants to convey through her business.

Despite the overall simplicity in the final logo this was a very challenging project from the get go. We had a lot of fun creating Claire’s vision and there is still more to come.

Next up… her website! ūüôā


    Claire Glibbery

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