Make your mark.

Business Branding.

I have years of experience creating and evolving brands and am able to produce high quality logos, branded print collateral and brand guidelines.

In addition to being a meticulous creative I always install imagination and flare into each and every project. Working side-by-side with my clients ensures that they receive exactly what they require and get the very best in creativity and design.

What’s it all about?

Branding is all about establishing an image of your company through your customers own eyes. Your brand identity is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small. It differentiates you and your offerings from your competitors. It’s about using different design methods to shape peoples perception of you, to create an atmosphere or a feeling through colour, logos and other digital or print assets.

Furthermore you can communicate your brand identity and message through a number of other channels such as:

  • Product packaging design
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Your office or store atmosphere
clippanet branding business card design

My Approach.

  1. Analysis. When undertaking any project I always assess the prospective client’s current identity and, with you, decide if the brand needs evolving as part of the project. I look at your business and identify its strengths and as a result may uncover some of it’s areas of improvement too.
  2. Message. What are you trying to convey to your customers and what is your message to them? I will find this out while working together and install it into the design of the branding. It could be a slogan, a colour palle,t or the logo itself.
  3. Continuity. Finally once a brand image has been established it must be applied consistently across all platforms and digital outlets consistently. So I can create a set of brand guidelines that you employees must adhere to so that your company stays ‘on brand’. This is key to maintaining your customers perception of you.

Our identity work