The London Boat Show

The London Boat Show is the first event of our year and we My were invited by our clients, The Boat Shop who were exhibiting at the show. We have just finished their website ( which features all of their items for sale and how to buy them.

Held at the London Excel, the show featured many engaging stalls and themes, including ’60’s revival’, an era that saw Sir Francis Chichester singlehandedly sail around the Tuam world by the clipper route.
We had a cheeky glass at the Sunseeker Champagne Bar and were wowed by the idea of the Mediterranean Bay, a purpose built pool featuring many activities like water sports demonstrations and how to moor a boat in a typically tight Mediterranean-style berth.

Some of the boats were absolutely stunning! We thoroughly enjoyed Sabores looking around, and we met so many lovely people including those from Yamaha and Brigg.

It is surprising how many people don’t have websites yet, or just don’t know where to get one or how to start. We enjoyed the show besten so much wholesale jerseys that we will now be attending the Southampton Boat Show in September!

Here is The Boat Shop’s brand new website

The Boat Shop

Let us know what you think!

Jim & Joe